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Can ‘moving into an assisted living facility’ be a difficult decision?

When it comes to deciding whether or not your parents need to move into an assisted living facility, most people feel lost but their wives or life partners can’t abide the elders or they don’t like them see with them.

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They maintain that the elders have already enjoyed their lives well and it is time for them to enjoy the same while along the parents living with them can really disturb their life. This is why the trend of sending the parents to an assisted living facility is on the rise despite the fact that they dislike or they just hate leaving the home where they have spent their entire life.

Of course, such a decision is not easy for both of you but the best advice is that you reach a mutual agreement-like decision in order to avoid any controversy or difference down the road. Better be safe than sorry! There are pros and cons to everything; the same is the case when it comes to becoming part of a senior housing community that some elders like while others may dislike.

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As for the issue about where to live and what to leave, seniors are often double-minded. In fact, most of the elders don’t simply want to withdraw from all the memories that are closely associated with the house that they have to think of leaving once for all to join an assisted living facility that means a complete surrender to the care of strangers.

There are two categories of elders. One of them is those who are being served around the clock in their homes but they are unemployed, this is the category good fit for an assisted living facility while others who are employed and are getting pensions, they are those who can better enjoy the environment of an assisted living facility.